HSA Mission Statement

The Handicapped Scuba Association has dedicated itself to improving the physical and social well-being of people with disabilities through the sport of scuba diving.

- To improve the health and fitness of people with disabilities by challenging their physical abilities and endurance;

- To improve the quality of life of people with disabilities by providing opportunities to actively participate in a mainstream sport;

- To "level the playing field" between people with disabilities and their able bodied peers by facilitating access to a sport that they, and others, thought was not possible; To motivate people with disabilities into pursuing other life challenges (education, employment, travel, sports) by allowing them to achieve at a sport that many people cannot;

- To profile the abilities and potential of people with disabilities to mainstream society.

Made up of over 4000 underwater educators, scuba divers with disabilities and supporting members, located in over 45 countries, the Handicapped Scuba Association is dedicated to assuring that people with disabilities are given the same opportunity to receive quality training, certification and dive adventures as the able bodied population.

Welcome to the world of diving!