Advanced Scuba DiverAre you looking for something extraordinary? To do something others only dream of? To help people transform their lives? If so, the HSA Instructor Training Course is for you. This course has been taught to over 3,000 leading Underwater Educators throughout the world since 1986, including Medical Doctors, and numerous other health professionals.

No other Scuba Training program exists anywhere in the world like this. The training is so unique you can't even prepare for it - you must "experience" it.

This intensive course gives you insightful theory and application as you eagerly accept the challenge of sharpening your teaching skills. During 10 Hours of interactive Lectures you and your teammates will:

  • Be introduced to several disability types and acquire specialized knowledge usually found only in medical environments.
  • You will learn HSA training procedures, equipment and accessibility considerations.
  • The HSA Multilevel Certification, how it was developed and how to safely use it.

During 5 hours of Confined Water training you will simulate paraplegia, quadriplegia, amputee and blind diving students, performing skills that are technically problematic for these disability types. (Don't worry, we do give breaks!!!) Through these training scenarios you will learn to dive and solve problems differently, developing new skills that are needed to safely train Scuba Divers with disabilities.

During 5 hours of Open Water training you will be in a team of three, role playing as an Instructor with two students, one paraplegic and the other blind. You will rotate through all three roles. Student logistics can change significantly when disabilities are introduced into your tried and true training procedures. This training will provide you with the knowledge to make important organizational adjustments when conducting open water training and dive planning.

Instructor Training Course Prerequisites

  • Certified Scuba Instructor, Assistant Instructor or Dive Master
  • Assistant Instructors and Dive Masters

Upon completion of the HSA Instructor Training Course, Assistant Instructors and Dive Masters will be certified HSA Assistant Instructor or HSA Dive Master, respectively. For those that continue their underwater education and earn Instructor certification from a recognized diver training agency such as PADI or NAUI, upon request, they will be upgraded to HSA Instructor without further training.