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Beyond Rehabilitation Diving activities reunite the person with disabilities with their Family, Friends, and Environment. It is the final phase of rehabilitation, ‘Acceptance of the disability and Renewed involvement in life’. Diving activities, and the normal socializing it creates, quickly accomplish this critical phase of rehabilitation - attained by only 20% of those injured by accident or disease - your membership makes this happen!

“If I can Scuba Dive”
“I can do anything”!
Adolf Flores, disabled veteran

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  • Enjoy your own copy of our classic 1983 film, 'Freedom in Depth', featuring Jean-Michel Cousteau and nineteen divers of the Handicapped Scuba Association.
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  • Jacques-Yves and Jean-Michel Cousteau filmed in Fiji, on the 50th anniversary of diving, with an international team of HSA divers. See Jacques Cousteau tell his stirring story of injury, a dream lost, and his final triumph in the Sea.
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