Meet Jim Gatacre founder of the Handicapped Scuba Association


The Handicapped Scuba Association (HSA) had its genesis in 1975 at University of California-Irvine (UCI) as a research program looking at self-image changes for scuba diving students 'with disabilities' learning together with students 'without disabilities'. Participants were required to perform all physical performance standards for Scuba certification, even if they had to do them differently....

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Like most of us, when I was first disabled I spent my time counting the things I couldn't do, and feeling remorseful about all the physical activities I had always wanted to try that 'I thought' were no longer available to me. Scuba diving was on the top of that list. When Scuba diving became a reality to me it changed my downhill life, even before I blew one bubble! Scuba diving reinstated...

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James A. F. (Jim) Gatacre is a NAUI Instructor and Course Director (Instructor Trainer). In 1972, while attending college, he sustained an injury to his right arm that left it paralysed. He started Scuba diving in 1973 as a means to recover emotionally, to re-establish his self-image that had been severely damaged, and in 1975, to help organize and teach the first Scuba course for people with...

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Visit our Youtube channel to see HSA Scuba Divers with Disabilities accept the challenge to become part of a world that has barely been explored. Join Linda Norlund diving in Bonaire with Jim Gatacre. Linda has a brain injury causing loss of control over muscles that enable her to walk and control her speech. Linda is an avid diver and world traveller.


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